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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Hello Bellamy Brothers, Farewell Antone's

In MJ's ongoing quest to see 80s country stars, she got us tickets to see the Bellamy Brothers at Antone's at 5th and Lavaca in Austin.  Of course I was really glad she did, especially because this may be the last show we ever attend at this Antone's location before their upcoming move.  

We actually got to the venue nice and early this time.  I was glad to have that pre-show time to soak up the atmosphere and remember all the shows we went to here, both good and bad.  I was feeling very nostalgic.

I pretty much only knew Redneck Girl, Love Flow and Old Hippie, but MJ was singing along with most of the songs.  She was so happy!  They put on a good show. 

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