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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Back Where I Come From

My mom and brother will be visiting TX in 3 weeks. I haven't seen them in nearly a year and a half so I'm indulging in the sentimental. Time to visit memory lane.   xoxo, MJ

The "Old Capitol" in Iowa City, IA. The dome caught fire while I was sitting in a 
lecture during my junior year of college. It took like 5 years to repair.
The Ped Mall near the University of Iowa campus. Shop, wander, drink, wander.
Driving in Southern Iowa.
I grew up surrounded by this landscape.
I lived in this turn of the century building for five years after college in
Olds, Iowa. pop. 200. There was an insurance reconstruction office downstairs.
My apartment was those five windows upstairs. There were two other apartments including
 one where a musician lived. I loved it.
And when you visit the Midwest, you must stop at Casey's General Store.
 Breakfast pizza, raspberry flips and tenderloin sandwiches. All of it's awesome.

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