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Monday, June 4, 2012


 I like pretty things that shimmer and sparkle. I want to be the one that shimmers and sparkles so I have a fairly hearty make-up collection. I am constantly finding a new color that will glide across my eyelids and make them a bit prettier. I have spent more time than I probably needed coating my lashes in mascara. And while I love it, I don't want to drown in all of my make-up. I want to love what I have but use it up in a timely fashion before I continue to buy more (easier said than done). Thankfully, I have developed a few ways to enjoy my make-up so much that the lure of buying more is somewhat sated. I put all of my beautiful extras on display on a built-in shelf in my bedroom. It pretties up the bedroom and reminds me of all that I have.

Long ago, I took the cover off of my Too Faced Beach Bunny Quick Chronicles book after I used up all the make-up, stapled some gold ribbon on the Beach Bunny and hung her up to decorate the bathroom.

This past fall, I used a birthday gift card to buy the Too Faced In Your Dreams make-up palette. The girl on the palette is a shimmery dream and I had to display her for all to see. The In Your Dreams book was quite a bit larger than the Beach Bunny but I glued ribbon onto the side of the book and now both make-up girls hang up in the WetDesert bathroom making everything in it a bit prettier and a whole lot sexier.

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